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SCRAM OFF, SCAMS Suss 'Em Out Now!

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Take a walk through the workings of a social media impersonation scam through this virtual scavenger hunt.

Join us in the fight against scams by completing all stages of the scavenger hunt!

Let's Go!

Who are we?

Scram Off, Scams! is a non-profit communication campaign created by four final year students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University.

What's happening

80% of us Singaporeans are on social media everyday. Cyberbullying, grooming, fake news, phishing, scams, we've seen it all. Without face-to-face interaction, it is easy for anyone with malicious intent to create a new account using false credentials to con social media users. In 2020, at least $2.2 million* have been lost through such impersonation scams that occured on social media.

This is why Scram Off, Scams! aims to stem the spread of these scams to create a safer social media space for all. We want to educate young adults and encourage active reporting of social media impersonation scams for them to protecc their fam.

*Singapore Police Force Mid-Year Crime Statistics, 2020

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The team

The brains behind this campaign
and their social media habits

  • Chow Xin Yee

    Research and Strategy

    Xin Yee spends an average of 1 hour on social media daily. She shares memes, cooking and dog videos with her friends on a daily basis. Hit her up with your best memes to capture her attention.

  • Kirsty Lim

    Social and Design

    Kirsty spends an average of 40 minutes on social media daily, perhaps longer since she is our social media manager. She indulges in cartoons with witty copywriting, media meme pages and cafe profiles. Recommend her some up and coming hipster cafes to capture her attention.

  • Prissie Tan

    Content and Design

    Prissie spends an average of 50 minutes on social media daily. She loves cute dog photos, aesthetic light photography and the occasional mahjong nights. Share with her the sunset views from your balcony to capture her attention.

  • Teresa Yap

    PR and Outreach

    Teresa spends an average of 41 minutes on social media daily. She's curious about the latest fashion trends, viral tiktok dance videos and anime. Nobody can get her attention. Well maybe for certain anime guys.

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